Redress Financial Services is a firm specializing exclusively in the submission and appeals of insurance claims.

Redress was founded out of a desire to make the world a little less unfair. We fight relentlessly on your behalf, using all the avenues available to us. When life happens, we ensure that the Insurance Giants keep their promises to you.

Why we exist

To err is human… but what if your insurance claim doesn’t pay out?!

Insurance is an absolutely crucial part of avoiding financial ruin when life happens and things don’t go as planned. Most Insurance companies are good service providers that provide an honest service to the best of their abilities. However, one must remember that any insurance company is a business. Businesses exist to make a profit, and one of the best ways to increase your profit is to limit expenses and losses.


Insurance Companies can remarkably limit their unnecessary losses by setting rejection targets for their Claims-assessors to ensure that they are vigilant and thorough in their duties and that they settle the claims that are legitimate, and reject the claims that are not.

Take as an example: Peter asks his 14 year old son to drive his car to the cafe to go buy cigarettes for him. His son has an accident, and Peter claims for the damages, alleging that he himself was driving. Peter’s insurance company would be correct to reject his claim should they find out that his son was driving.

Insurance companies have to reject illegitimate claims to ensure that they continue to make an acceptable profit while maintaining competitive rates.

Unfortunately, anywhere where humans are involved, human error is to be found. After all, “To err is human…”, so what if you claim for a legitimate loss, and by some error, your claim is rejected?!

  • You were not aware of an exclusion or fine print because it isn’t in your contract…
  • Your Financial Planner ensured you that something was covered, but now that you claim, it is not…
  • The Insurance company just doesn’t seem to understand your case or points…
  • You are absolutely convinced that your claim is legitimate!

This is where you are expected, as a layperson, to go head-to-head with the Insurance Giants’ professionals. Professional lawyers and Claims-agents: an army of people whose only job is to ensure the company saves money by not paying out a claim. After all, if they only save the company one large claim a month, all their salaries are covered by the avoided loss.

What we do

A man who is his own Lawyer has a fool for a client…

We specialize in insurance claims. More importantly, we specialize in winning insurance claims cases that the Insurance companies refuse to pay. We will even take the fight all the way to the Short-Term Insurance Ombud, the Long-Term Insurance Ombud, or the FAIS Ombud, all of whom hold the same jurisdictional authority as the High court of South Africa.

We work on a “no-win-no-fee” basis, and many of our cases are settled directly with the Insurance Companies themselves once all the facts from both sides are considered, and not just the one-sided-facts from their own assessors.

We can help with all types of insurance claims anywhere in South Africa. Our team of Legal, Medical, Insurance and Finance experts have won multi-million Rand claims in Disability insurance, Dread Disease insurance, Income protection insurance, Life Insurance and Short Term insurance (motor insurance, house-hold insurance, marine insurance, home insurance, business insurance, etc).

Our “total insurance cases won” is already sitting in excess of R60million.

My house was completely destroyed when the Vaal river flooded. My insurance company rejected my claim because my house was "close to the river bank". Redress took on my case, and quickly settled for a full payout.
VG, 48, Vanderbijlpark
My Dread Disease claim was settled at 25%. Redress appealed to the insurer, and the remaining 75% was approved, along with my Impairment cover.
ZNdK, 31, Pretoria
My Ski-boat flipped and sank close to St.Lucia. The insurance didn't want to pay my claim because they said I was reckless in going out considering weather conditions. Redress Financial Services got a full claim payout for me.
AB, 45, Potchefstroom
My house was burnt down by a flash fire. The insurance adjusted my claim down to nearly 40% of the insured value of my house. Redress Financial Services was able to get substantially more.
IL, 57, Cape Town
My husband passed away in a car accident, and the life insurance company said it was vehicular suicide and refused to pay out his life cover. The kids and I would have been homeless, but Redress Financial Services managed to get the claim settled in full.
DS, 29, Centurion
I was diagnosed with a disease that left me legally blind at age 31. I had no idea how I was going to survive after my Income claim was rejected. I was crippled with fear. After fighting for  almost a year, Redress completely shot the insurance company's argument out of ...
ZS, 32, Pretoria

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